Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Is U.K.'s Most Influential

Mark Zuckerberg is most influential person in the U.K., as ranked by The Guardian.

Reigning Time magazine Person of the Year Mark Zuckerberg has another trophy for his case.

The Guardian just chose the Facebook founder and chief executive officer as number one on the annual MediaGuardian 100 list of the U.K.’s 100 most powerful people in TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, digital media, advertising, marketing, and public relations

Social media also accounts for the number two and three spots on the list: Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey claiming the former and Google CEO Larry Page claiming the latter.

TheMediaGuardian 100 entry on Zuckerberg reads:

It is only four years since Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook made its debut on this list — at No. 100. “Social networks come and go — only time will tell if this latest example is fab or fad,” we said of the site, which back then was trailing Myspace.

How times change. Today, Zuckerberg’s seven-year-old social media phenomenon is the world’s busiest website. It is the United Kingdom’s largest display advertising publisher (and responsible for one in four display ads in the United States) with projected revenues for 2011 of $4 billion — double the figure for 2010.

Zuckerberg’s ambition was nothing less than to reconfigure the web through social navigation, enabling people to search via friends’ recommendations, rather than the results of a mystery algorithm. He is well on the way, said our panel.

With 750 million users, Facebook is already the world’s biggest photo website and a burgeoning platform for video, gaming, and television — a key traffic driver for media owners, offering specifically targeted advertising and interaction. Our judges described it as an “immense media distribution platform” and the “No. 1 media player” of the moment.

The past 12 months have seen further rapid growth, although its popularity stalled in some of its biggest territories, including the United Kingdom and United States. But with more than one-half of the United Kingdom’s online population now using Facebook, it is a problem other media owners would love to have.

There have been serious blips too — ongoing concerns about privacy and revelations that it had hired a P.R. firm to smear Google — but none serious enough to topple him from the top of this year’s list.

Facebook is still a small company. It has only 2,000 staff compared with Google’s 26,000, but is an increasingly attractive place for Silicon Valley’s star developers. Its risky strategy of developing new features rapidly has always triggered blasts of protests from users, and the past 12 months has been no different.

Readers, what do you think about U.S. social media company leaders topping a list of the most influential people in the U.K.?

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