Facebook makes move to objective-based ad creation, reporting

For several months, Facebook has been streamlining its ad creation process with one question in mind for marketers: “What do you want to do?”

Facebook took the next big step in this process Tuesday, announcing that the entire ad building flow has been rewired to put the objective first — whether it’s click to the company’s website, event invitations or app installs.

Facebook knows that it already has several large advertisers in its company, but now the social network is going for smaller to mid-size businesses who may not see the value in advertising on the site. David Fischer, Facebook’s Vice President of Advertising and Global Operations, said during a conference earlier this year that one of the major biases against Facebook is that people still think of the site as a time-suck and repository for kid photos and cat memes.

The social network has gone on the warpath in recent months to prove that there is real value in advertising on Facebook. By launching the Facebook for Business hub, as well as continually simplifying its ad offerings, the company has made it more attractive to newer advertisers.

The ad flow Facebook introduced Tuesday is slowly rolling out to advertisers and may not be available immediately.

This new ad flow will allow advertisers to create a Facebook advertisement based on the following common objectives:

  • Clicks to Website
  • Website Conversions
  • Page Post Engagement
  • Page Likes
  • App Installs
  • App Engagement
  • In-store Offer claims
  • Event Responses

Facebook will place the ads where they perform best, whether its in News Feed or the right-hand sidebar, taking the guesswork out of creating an ad:

As before, Facebook will place your ad where we see it performing best — whether it’s in mobile News Feed, desktop News Feed and/or on the right-hand column. However, knowing some advertisers want to tailor ads based on placement, we’re now giving marketers the option to choose where their ad appears. For example, a marketer looking to drive traffic to their website can now place a desktop ad with a link to their full desktop site, and a separate mobile ad that links to their mobile site. This means businesses can better tailor ad experiences based on where people will see their message.

Facebook also gave the ads manager an objective-based makeover:

Readers: How do you feel about this new ad creation flow?

Images courtesy of Facebook.


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