Facebook Launches Goal Leaderboard For World Cup

World Cup LogoIn the spirit of competition, Facebook has launched a Goal Leaderboard on the company’s Sports page, tracking the most passionate fans of the various World Cup teams. The Leaderboard is powered by Involver, and enables users to become fans directly from within the Page. The leaderboard also tracks intensity, which is a measure of likes of a team within a given period of time.

Surprisingly, no goals are actually tracked within the “Goal Leaderboard”. Instead, it’s a measure of fan spirit. We’d also not be surprised to see various Football applications, like FIFA Superstars rise in popularity as the World Cup starts on Saturday. While we haven’t been able to get the new Leaderboard tab to load, we have a screenshot of the service below as posted on Facebook’s blog post earlier this evening.

There’s also plenty of online resources for tracking the games, and Facebook will serve as one platform for fans and teams to communicate. Additionally, many games will be streamed live online by supporting broadcasting companies. If you want to see how your team compares to others in terms of their passion on Facebook, check out the new leaderboard tab on the Facebook Sports page.

Goal Leaderboard Screenshot