Facebook Kills Off News Feed Story Settings?

-Newsfeed Privacy Screenshot-Update: We’ve posted an article on how to fix most of the problems which you can find here.
In a particularly strange move, it appears that Facebook has killed off what was previously a “News Feed” story settings page. The feature enabled users to pre-select those actions that they made on Facebook which would automatically generate feed stories. For example, if you changed your relationship status, a news story would automatically be generated, stating that your relationship status had changed. It was an emphasis of our original Facebook privacy guide, and it’s behind the “Post-Breakup Facebook Effect” which we wrote about earlier this week.

I’ve reached out to Facebook for clarification on this change and am currently awaiting a response. The question is whether or not Facebook has just killed relationship stories all together, or if they simply follow the privacy settings specified in your profile privacy settings area. For those that are confused by the change, let me walk through a sample scenario:

First, you change your relationship status from “In Relationship” to “Single”. Following the change, a feed story is generated which is then published for all your friends to see. Had you disabled “Relationship stories” previously, no story would have been generated. Now, it’s not exactly clear what happens.

Within applications, users are prompted as to whether or not they’d like to post a story about the action they just took. For example, if you get a new high score on Bejeweled Blitz, you will be prompted to post that score to your feed. For all features that are built into Facebook, you aren’t prompted when a story is created. Instead, it automatically generates the story based on what you had previously set in your “Feed Settings”.

Unfortunately there’s no way to specify what actions you’d like to have create stories now. At this point, it’s unknown what the default settings are for publishing stories. I’m currently awaiting clarification from Facebook as to how this is supposed to function.