Page Tools and Zynga Games Grow Fastest On Facebook

Page tools dominate the weekly growth leaderboard, as does Zynga's newest hit.

Page tools dominate the weekly growth leaderboard, which as does Zynga’s newest hit, Hidden Chronicles.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

Name Daily Active Users Monthly Active Users Weekly Growth
1. Static HTML: iframe tabs 6,800,000 77,100,000 10,100,000
2. Hidden Chronicles 5,900,000 11,100,000 9,300,000
3. Static Iframe Tab 3,800,000 40,300,000 8,500,000
4. MiCalendario – Cumpleaños 890,000 11,300,000 2,400,000
5. MyCalendar – Birthdays 1,500,000 22,700,000 2,100,000
6. BandPage by RootMusic 1,700,000 27,600,000 1,900,000
7. Woobox Custom Tab : Arrow Icon 350,000 4,400,000 1,400,000
8. Scramble with Friends 1,200,000 1,700,000 1,350,000
9. BandRx 550,000 8,900,000 1,100,000
10. Static HTML Iframe Tab : Custom Icons 470,000 6,500,000 1,100,000
11. Static IFRAME Tab : ThumbsUp Icon 480,000 7,800,000 1,100,000
12. Pagemodo Custom Welcome Tab 680,000 12,800,000 900,000
13. Texas HoldEm Poker 6,600,000 31,200,000 900,000
14. TripAdvisor 920,000 15,200,000 900,000
15. Words With Friends 8,700,000 18,400,000 900,000
16. Yahoo! 1,500,000 13,300,000 900,000
17. Invite Your Friends Button for Pages 210,000 2,500,000 800,000
18. Welcome tab app for Pages with TradableBits 860,000 15,100,000 800,000
19. Scribd 700,000 11,700,000 700,000
20. Washington Post Social Reader 730,000 6,300,000 700,000

Page Tools

Mensing’s Static HTML: iframe tabs spends another seven days on top tallying a 10.1 million tabs built and view total.

Overall, Woobox is the leading developer within the trend with four tools making the cut. Their mainstay on the countdown, Static Iframe Tab, is found in third collecting a 8.5 million increase. The Arrow Icon is found in seventh after a 1.4 million weekly growth statistic. Coming in tenth place, Static HTML Iframe Tab : Custom Icons earns a 1.1 million week. Sharing a similar estimated growth total, Static IFRAME Tab : ThumbsUp Icon is found one position behind.

Pagemodo Custom Welcome Tab improves its ranking with a 900,000 finish, a 12th place week. Invite Your Friends Button for Pages, built by, falls to 17th in its second appearance ending with a 800,000 growth increase. TradableBits’ makes a first time appearance with Welcome tab app for Pages; an 800,000 total places the tool in 18th.


Zynga’s Player Love Week promotion has a hand in its titles making the rankings. Hidden Chronicles rolls forward to second with a massive 9.3 million player increase. Scramble with Friends is quickly gaining momentum, and 1.35 million additions places the word game in the eighth spot.

Two of the gaming giant’s older titles lose steam on the rankings. In the 13th and 15th positions, respectively, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and Words With Friends both grow by 900,000 more gamers.


Beware the reports of spam noted in the comments the previous time calendar applications topped the leaderboard.

That said, MiCalendario – Cumpleaños is found in fourth amassing a 2.4 million seven day growth figure. The English alternative is found just behind increasing by 2,100,000 social networkers.


Still remaining steady in the top half of the countdown, BandPage by RootMusic finishes in sixth garnering a 1.9 million growth statistic. BandRx is in ninth once again after a 1.1 million week.

Open Graph

In spite of last week’s announcement that TripAdvisor had upgraded for timeline and open graph actions, the application takes a hard fall to 14th as only 900,000 newcomers start planning vacations with the app.

And two social news plug-ins witness unfavorable results in comparison to the previous week’s rankings. Yahoo settles for 16th synching 900,000 accounts. Washington Post Social Reader lingers in the final position with 700,000 people signing in using their Facebook accounts.

Connecting writers and readers, Scribd mounts a 700,000 comeback in the 19th position.

Readers, have you found yourself addicted to any of this week’s fastest growing apps?