Facebook for Blackberry Crashed My Phone!

I have been using the Facebook Blackberry application since it launched almost two weeks ago. My first impressions were amazing. The new interface makes it so much easier for me to navigate through my regularly used Facebook items. Everytime I received a message or a friend request it was sending it to my phone. Rather than having to read the Facebook alert emails that provide you with no details about the messages received, I could access them immediately.

The main downfall with this is that each of the messages and requests were stored locally on my cell phone. After just a week of messages and requests, my memory on my Blackberry Curve was immediately overloaded. Subsequently, all of my email, my call history and all my Facebook messages were deleted! While this could have been a practically catastrophic event, I’m am fortunate enough to have all of my email synced with Gmail.

While Facebook should not be held responsible for any bugs with my Blackberry, I would suggest that they redesign the application so that it is less reliant on local memory and instead stores actual messages on their own servers. Honestly, I think the main issue is with my Blackberry phone but my phone had been fine until I added this application. In addition to memory issues on the phone, Facebook has a number of missing features on their Facebook application including the ability to view profiles, marking messages as unread and a number of other features.

I hate to do it but I may have to remove the Facebook application until they can figure out a way to take up less memory on my phone. Has anyone else had this problem?