Facebook Faces $500,000 Discrimination Suit For Closing Man's Account

A Long Island man has filed a $500,000 lawsuit against Facebook for closing his account without warning, and the plaintiff is calling this a case of religious discrimination.

Can you put a price tag on the ability to connect with all of your friends, loved ones, acquaintances and business contacts on the social network? One man values it at $500,000 based on the amount he seeks from Facebook for allegedly closing his account without warning.

Mustafa Fteja, a 39-year-old Montenegro man now living in Staten Island, filed the lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court yesterday against Facebook, which had disabled his account on September 24. That cut him off from about 340 friends around the world, along with an archive of photo memories, according to the New York Post.

He’d tried to log on to his account several times and couldn’t. Eventually the site informed him his account was disabled, and then two weeks later he received an explanation via email. That missive appeared to be a form letter that said Fteja violated the terms of the Facebook agreement, but he claims that the message lacked details explaining exactly what he did wrong.

He insists he did nothing wrong and his lawsuit calls Facebook’s treatment of him religious discrimination, citing his Muslim faith. He told the Post:

I know one thing — I didn’t do anything. I didn’t violate anything.You don’t treat people like that. They make a lot of money from the people. Why treat your customers like that?