Religious Facebook Pages Set Example In Engagement

Religion once again leads engagement on Facebook, and the NFL Super Bowl teams also rank highly after enjoying increased interactivity totals.

Religion once again leads engagement on Facebook, and the NFL Super Bowl teams also rank highly after enjoying increased interactivity totals.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

1. Jesus Daily11,419,9775,658,353
2. Dios Es Bueno5,651,2922,225,206
3. The Bible8,628,0841,640,680
4. Joyce Meyer Ministries1,984,5801,324,991
5. Manchester United22,281,0481,176,655
6. 9GAG1,919,320982,146
7. New York Giants1,853,976951,980
8. Mario Teguh5,456,775864,015
9. New England Patriots3,197,199823,361
10. Jesus Tiene Mas Fans Que Cualquiera, Vamos A Demostrarlo2,584,143765,094
11. Kevin Hart4,624,788713,246
12. Lady Gaga47,696,149707,307
13. We Are All Khaled Said1,918,891662,320
14. Justin Bieber40,147,600661,751
15. Cristiano Ronaldo39,759,046638,459
16. FC Barcelona26,437,446573,522
17. “MTV Roadies”3,762,844561,709
18. ILoveAllaah.com6,753,412533,941
19. I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me1,973,161520,915
20. “I’m Proud To Be Christian” by Aaron Chavez2,984,186503,997


Continuing to lead by a sizable margin, Jesus Daily remains in first place earning 5.6 million interactions. Dios Es Bueno is in second totaling a 2.2 million engagement total. The Bible received 1.6 million likes and comments, taking in the third position.

Joyce Meyers Ministries progresses in the rankings; 1.3 million interactions places the page in fourth. In tenth place, Los Fanaticos De Jesus collects an increasing 765,094 responses. witnesses a decreasing 533,941 likes and comment total in 18th.

A new page to the countdown, I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me ranks in 19th, with a 520,915 finish. Returning in the final position, “I’m Proud To Be Christian” by Aaron Chavez garners a 503,997 engagement statistic.


Manchester United improves to fifth; 1.1 million fans route for the team on the social network leading into their big match against Liverpool this past weekend. Real Madrid’s star forward Cristiano Ronaldo amasses 638,459 likes and comments – a 15th place return to the countdown. Just one position behind the player, FC Barcelona engages an audience of 573,522 Facebook users.

The Super Bowl results in a noteworthy impact in interactivity. The winner on the field is also the winner in engagement; the New York Giants hear 951,980 contributions made to the conversation in seventh. In ninth, the New England Patriots finishes with a 864,015 interaction total.


Making social networkers laugh is the focal point of 9GAG‘s regular picture updates; a 982,146 engagement figure helps the page hold steady in sixth place. Kevin Hart accrues 713,246 likes and comments, for an 11th place finish.


Though Mario Teguh follows his usual social media approach, the Indonesian motivational speaker witnesses a decreasing 864,015 interactions, for an 8th place week. We Are All Khaled Said places in 13th tallying 662,320 commenters.

“MTV Roadies” loses steam, and 561,709 posts on the television’s show page place it in 17th.


Newly announced tour dates help propel Lady Gaga forward in the countdown. The pop star collects 707,307 responses in the 12th position. Justin Bieber has much smaller week in comparison to most; 661,751 likes and comments result in a 14th place finish.

Readers, which pages are you engaging with the most this week?

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