What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Buddy Media

Buddy Media is a Facebook management system based on a scalable platform, secure architecture and straightforward administrative tools. The Buddy Media Platform is used by brands to connect with their current and future customers using the power of Facebook’s social connections. It allows brands to launch, maintain and measure their Facebook presence across multiple countries and languages.

After the jump – what you need to know about Buddy Media.

The application in a sentence

The Buddy Media Platform is a Facebook management system chosen by many of the world’s largest brands and agencies.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

  • The Buddy Media Platform allows brands to establish, grow, monitor and measure their Facebook presence with custom, interactive social content. By enabling people to share content, publish branded mentions and act on offers, brands can drive business results on a new level.
  • The platform allows brands to launch social media campaigns and bypass the time, resources and budget required to learn Facebook’s unique platform codes such as FBML and FBJS. By using the “drag and drop” publishing functionality of the Buddy Media Platform, brands can focus their efforts on the design of their campaign and assets, rather than investing months and countless dollars writing proprietary codes.

Coolest feature

Buddy Media +GLOBAL enables global marketers to combine all of their Facebook assets into a single unified presence, across multiple countries and languages, in any language Facebook supports. Delivering customized content to users in their native language, global brands’ local marketing teams can customize content, promotions and apps without the brand ceding complete control. It allows brands to reduce the need for one-off, custom development projects and streamline the development of multiple pages, thus saving costs.

Feature rundown

  • Engage – Brands can increase user engagement, spread unified brand messaging and grow their Facebook fan base with customized content.
  • Develop compelling content – The Buddy Media Platform offers a library of interactive apps to drive fan engagement through the continual publishing of fresh, interactive content. Applications are pre-built solutions that require minimum development time, but can still be customized with little or no coding experience.
  • Publish – Apps can be published into a Facebook page using a simple drag-and-drop web interface. Once added to a page, assets can be managed through an easy-to-use web interface.
  • Search and moderation – The Filters feature enables brands to distribute notifications of incoming messages (brand names, questions, etc.) to specified recipients. The Labels feature allows brands to build more sophisticated filters through infinite labels and organize topics that don’t necessarily require an immediate action.
  • Monitor and analyze – Unified analytics allows brands to track, analyze and optimize their social media campaigns to provide accountability and glean results-driven data.

User profile

The Buddy Media Platform is used by some of the world’s largest brands in the food & beverage, automotive, travel, entertainment, financial services and consumer packaged goods industries. Buddy Media’s experience includes sports properties, media companies, film studios, fashion brands and travel & hospitality brands . Buddy Media also licenses its platform to more than 75 agencies.

User review

“For the first time, we’re able to deliver meaningful and targeted localized content across the globe at scale without any potential sacrifice to our global brand equity.” – David Godsman, VP, Global Web, Starwood Hotels and Resorts


The pricing structure is dependent on the number of licensed “seats” on the platform. With each “seat,” on the platform, users can access the Buddy Media app library to launch, maintain and track activities on their Facebook page. Buddy Media also offers add-ons to the basic platform, including enterprise solutions, +GLOBAL, +DESIGN, +STRATEGY and +TRAINING.

Recent news

Buddy Media announced a partnership with MarketShare Partners to develop an analytics solution that will help brands tie social marketing initiatives directly to offline metrics (i.e., sales and profitability), understand the interaction of social media initiatives to other online channels (i.e., display and search), and provide predictive analytics to give brands insight on how to optimize their activities around their goals.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “Buddy Media offers the only solution that allows brands to launch, maintain and measure their Facebook presence across multiple countries and languages. The Buddy Media Platform offers the most intuitive dashboard navigation through its ‘drag and drop’ interface.”

With an ever-increasing number of social media marketing options, brands and agencies are searching for solutions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their campaigns. This series reports on significant product releases and updates to assist in selecting the most appropriate tools to meet individual objectives. We recently presented NetVibes, Zuberance Advocate Platform, RowFeeder and HootSuite.

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