Emerging Top Paid iOS Apps: Scribblenauts, Oregon Trail, Animoog and Utilities

While games were popular this week, they weren’t the only genre to dominate the charts. Thanks to iOS 5 a new crop of customization utilities performed very well on the iPhone charts, and the iPad charts were won this week by legendary music company Moog, who finally released an iPad version of their synthesizer. While new releases from 5th Cell and Crescent Moon Games did well, Bolt Creative, Gameloft and Ludia were all able to make the charts with new content and sales on older apps.

New Titles on the Top iPhone Paid Apps List

Scribblenauts Remix – The iOS port of the popular DS series Scribblenauts is the #7 paid app this week. Released on October 12, Scribblenauts Remix features 40 levels from Scribblenauts and its sequel Super Scribblenauts, and 10 levels created just for the iOS port. It also includes support for adjectives, a feature previously only available in Super Scribblenauts. Credited to original developers 5th Cell Media and to Iron Galaxy Studios, Scribblenauts Remix costs $4.99.

Pimp Your Screen – At #20 we find the utility styled app, Pimp Your Screen – Your Device Never Looked Cooler. Designed for users who want to be able to customize the look of their devices, Pimp Your Screen is a series of wallpapers and wallpaper elements that users can mix and match to create custom backgrounds that make it look like a user’s icons are supported by shelves or have an outline around them. Users can even share their combinations via Facebook, Twitter, Email or Tumblr. Pimp Your Screen costs $0.99 and was developed by Apalon, a division of Belarus based outsourcing company MoveYourWeb.

Siegecraft – The latest game from independent New York developer Crescent Moon Games makes a strong debut, with Siegecraft taking the #25 spot on the paid app charts. Currently on sale for $0.99, Siegecraft is a tower defense and tower obliteration game with some interesting twists. Players can use traditional weaponry like trebuchets and crossbows, but they can also fight zombies and fling the heads of trolls at their enemies. Good performance is rewarded with coins, which can be used to upgrade weaponry, but game also supports in-app purchases to make sieges a little easier.

Pocket God – Bolt Creative’s game Pocket God is back on the top paid charts in the #28 spot after a massive update on October 12th added support for iOS 5 multiplayer and a new episode called I Sting: The Body Electric. In the new multiplayer mode, players can challenge other people’s powered up pygmies in the game’s battle arena. There is also a new underwater world pack available via an in-app purchase of $0.99. Pocket God costs $0.99 and players can add a variety of custom skins and extra content to the game via in-app purchases.

Custom Alert Tones – Customize your new voicemail/email/sms/+more alerts – Fresh off the iOS 5 update which gave users the long sought-after ability to customize notification sounds is a brand new utility to take advantage of it. Custom Alert Tones – Customize your new voicemail/email/sms/+more alerts is currently the #45 paid app. For $0.99, the app allows users to download short alert sounds of every imaginable variety (sirens, explosions, lasers, quotes, animal noises…) and set them as the default sounds for incoming texts, voicemail notifications, alarms, emails and more. Custom Alert Tones is made by MobGen, a San Francisco based developer that specializes in ringtone apps.

New Titles on the Top iPad Paid Apps List

Animoog – The legendary Moog synthesizer is now available the iPad with Animoog, the #2 paid app. While beginners will be able to jump right in and start making music, there are a lot of complex tools in the app for more advanced users.  Animoog contains a vast library of Moog sounds and gives musicians the ability to customize them by shifting the pitch, adding delay and filters. Users also get access to the new Anisotropic Synth Engine, a visual display that lets musicians create an evolving sound by manipulating the waveforms on a touch display centered on an X/Y space. Animoog was released on October 17th and is on sale for $0.99 for 30 days, after which the price jumps to $29.99.

The Oregon Trail – It seems modern gamers have nothing but nostalgia for Oregon Trail. While there are already versions on DS and Facebook, that hasn’t stopped Gameloft from bringing it to iPad, with their game The Oregon Trail. Currently the #10 paid app, The Oregon Trail features all the same decisions as the original, and all the same afflictions (dysentery runs rampant in the old west) but adds mini-games like berry picking and gold panning, side missions to help players earn coins and equipment, and in-app purchases that can help to make the journey west a little easier. The Oregon Trail is $0.99.

Where’s Waldo HD – The Fantastic Journey – Moving down to the #14 spot is Where’s Waldo? HD – The Fantastic Journey, an older app that’s currently on sale for $0.99. The game combines the classic Where’s Waldo gameplay with some exclusive iPad features to keep gameplay interesting. Players can compete against one-another in party mode, take on more quests, and make searching more difficult by filling the screen with obstructions like paint or ice. Where’s Waldo HD was created by Quebec based studio Ludia, a division of international entertainment company Freemantle Media.

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD – Gameloft shows up on our chart again as their sale continues, but this week iPad games are getting the $0.99 treatment. Released almost a year ago, Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD is this week’s #19 paid iPad app. An action game with platforming sections and quick time events, Spider-Man: Total Mayhem challenges players to fight, swing and battle through 12 levels in an attempt to save New York from a posse of dangerous villains. Gameloft has also discounted Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard HD, Dungeon Hunter 2 HD, Shadow Guardian HD and N.O.V.A 2 – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD.

Art Set – Last up this week is #26 ranked Art Set, a virtual art kit that lets users play around with oil paints, pens, wax crayons, colored pencils, markers or pastels on their iPads. The app uses pressure sensitivity to recreate the look of the various mediums, and users can also choose from a variety of different paper colors and textures to create their masterpieces on. Images and photos can be imported into the app, and finished products can be exported. Released on October 7th, Art Set costs $0.99 and was created by LOFOPI, an independent UK based developer.