Emerging Android Apps: Blood & Glory, ChuChu Rocket and Sleepy Jack

After several weeks of stagnation, the Android charts are starting to show a bit more life thanks to solid performance from releases by Silvertree Media, Glu Mobile, EA and Disney Interactive. While games still remain the most popular genre of app, utilities managed to squeeze into the free and paid charts, thanks to the popularity of Voxer’s new Walkie-Talkie PPT app and a sale on Polyclef Software’s popular Easy Tether Pro app.

New Titles on the Android Top Grossing Apps List

[Update] Paradise Island – Game Insight continues to dominate Android charts with Paradise Island. Currently ranked #3 on the top grossing charts, the Russian developer’s management sim hasn’t left the upper reaches of the charts since Google started keeping a record of the highest grossing apps on the platform. The app was last updated on November 22nd with Thanksgiving themed items, new quests and buildings.

Blood & Glory – This week the #14 top grossing app is Glu Mobile’s latest game, Blood & Glory. Featuring swipe and slash mechanics similar to the ones found in Infinity Blade, Blood & Glory is a combat game where gladiators must battle their way through a series of brutal and bloody tournaments in order to survive. Players can use healing potions and get better armor and weapons to improve their chances of survival, but those items must be either earned through battle or bought via in-app purchases. Our full review of the game can be found here.

SimCity Deluxe – EA’s classic city-builder Sim City is seeing renewed life with an a new Android game that picks up where Sim City 2000 left off. Currently occupying the #29 spot on the top grossing Android charts, Sim City Deluxe gives players seven different scenarios and seven starter cities to worth from as they attempt to take their town from the middle of nowhere to the most important place in the world. Sim City Deluxe was released on November 10th and costs $4.99.

We Rule – Ngmoco:)’s free-to-play game We Rule is the #39 top grossing app this week, and the highest ranked Mobage app on the Android charts. The social game allows players to create and customize their own virtual kingdoms, but also requires them to work with other players to accomplish frequently updated goals and tasks. We Rule monetizes through in-app purchases.

Easy Tether Pro – While tethering applications can’t stay on the iOS store for more than a few hours the case is very different on the Android market, were Polyclef Software’s EasyTether Pro has had no problems and has been available without interruption for over a year. On sale for $4.99 thanks to a Cyber Week discount, the app allows users to send internet from their phones to a PC, Mac, Wii, Xbox, PS3 or even a Linux box.

New Titles on the Android Top Free Apps List

Turkey Blast: Reloaded – Online game portal Ezone.com’s newest game Turkey Blast: Reloaded kicks off this week’s free Android listings in the #9 spot. The tap controlled shooter challenges players to shoot as many turkeys as they can within a certain amount of time. The game has 12 levels, 14 weapons, 5 types of powerups and lets players obliterate 12 different kinds of turkeys.

Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT – Text messaging may be the most common and convenient way to communicate now, but San Francisco-based Voxer’s #19 ranked app Walkie-Talkie PPT is proving people still want to send short messages by voice. Users of the free service can send group messages, texts and photos to anyone of their friends that have the app. The app is free and does not feature any adds. Walkie-Talkie PPT also allows users to connect through Facebook to make adding their friends easier.

Shoot Bubble Deluxe – Independent developer City Games LLC grabs the #22 spot with Shoot Bubble Deluxe, a game that cribs its gameplay from Taito’s popular Puzzle Bobble franchise. The game features 150 puzzle levels, an arcade mode and a global leaderboard. The game was last updated on November 24th to add 45 new puzzle levels.

Virtual Table Tennis 3D – Moving all the way down to the #37 spot on the free charts we find independent Canadian developer Clapfoot Inc’s Virtual Table Tennis 3D. The game, gives players 30 levels of table tennis action to beat and three difficulty modes to choose from. While the game is supported by ads, players can purchase an ad-free pro version of Virtual Table Tennis 3D for $1.99. The game was last updated on November 24th.

Tetris Free – EA’s mainstay of the free Android charts, Tetris Free pops up again this week in the #48 spot. The touch screen version of the popular game doesn’t deviate much from the traditional game, but it does allows players to track their stats and play in the new marathon mode. Installs of the game have been steadily climbing over the past 30 days and are now approaching the 5 million mark. We recently learned that EA has subscription based plans for the game – a $2.99 a month service called Tetris Club that will grant member access to premium content.

New Titles on the Android Top Paid Apps List

Where’s My Water – Disney Interactive’s hit iOS app Where’s My Water makes its Android debut this week. Priced at $0.99, the app has risen to the #5 spot on the paid charts, racking up almost 50,000 downloads since its release. The water based puzzle game has players direct jets of water around obstacles and though sewer grime so Swampy, the game’s Alligator mascot can take a bath.

X-Men – Moving all the way down the charts to the #26 spot we find Konami’s older app X-Men experiencing a resurgence of popularity that’s pushed it up the paid charts. The  $0.99 game is an Android port of the classic arcade X-Men brawler and features 4 player multiplayer over wifi. The game also supports OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements. X-Men was last updated on June 28th.

Sleepy Jack – Palo Alto based Silvertree Media’s new game Sleepy Jack makes a strong debut in the #32 spot on the Android paid charts. The game is an arcade-style 3D flying game, where players must guide the main character, Jack through more than 50 levels of dream worlds as he picks up bonuses and blasts dream meanies. Sleepy Jack costs $1.99 and was updated on December 1st to support OpenFeint.

ChuChu Rocket – Sega’s Dreamcast Classic ChuChu Rocket has blasted into the #34 spot on the Android paid charts this week. Fondly remembered among console gamers for its fast-paced, ultra-competitive multiplayer gameplay, the Android port of ChuChu Rocket doesn’t support multiplayer, but does include more than 500 different levels of puzzles. The $0.99 app has racked up almost 50,000 downloads since its debut.

Riptide GP – Vector Unit’s futuristic jet ski racing game Riptide GP may have had a simultaneous release on Android and iOS, but the game is performing far better on Android than on Apple’s platform. The $2.99 game is currently the #42 paid app in the Android market, but has dropped out of the top 200 paid apps on iOS just over a month after its release. Our review of the iOS version of the game can be found here.