‘Elders React on Google Glass’ is timeless, hilarious

elders react to google glass

Google Glass is equally beloved and hated by tech at heart Millenials, but what about elders? Imagine finding yourself with Google Glass for the very first time. You might ask yourself, what is this thing, how do I put it on, how do I turn it on, and a mulitude of other useful questions.

For journalists and tech users, engaging with Google Glass for the first time can seem simple because we’ve seen videos demonstrating the device, but for many who haven’t a clue what it is, it’s just as high-tech as anything from Star Wars.

Put this on.

“Looks like Robotron…”

“Looks like a science fiction movie…”

“Space ship 12 calling Earth! Space ship 12 calling Earth!”

What are you thinking?

“I’m thinking this is incredible! I gotta get these!”

“Modern stuff is crazy man…”

“It’s like I’m in a different world. All of a sudden, technology just rolled over me like a steam roller!”

Needless to say, the elders’ frankness with the device is wonderful to witness. One user even manages to land on internet porn. A few asked how much it costs and where they might get one. The majority seem very impressed with the smart eyewear, and four out of nine said they would probably get one. We don’t entirely disagree with this prediction:

“Good God that is amazing. You know what I think is next after this? Implants.”