Egypt’s PR Industry Affected by Protests

Soldiers try to clear Egypt's Tahrir Square of protesters following President Mubarak's resignation. Photo: Hussein Malla, Associated Press

Following the overthrow of Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak after three weeks of protest, there are many reasons for the Egyptian people to rejoice. However, various areas of Egypt’s economy are feeling the pain of both recent and continued unrest, including tourism, banking, and the PR industry.

According to Daily News Egypt, business is on hold and some firms had to close temporarily because of the protests.

“A lot of our work and deals that were set to kick off at the beginning of the year have now been put on hold indefinitely due to the uncertain business environment right now,” said Sherry El Kilany, founder of Nineteen84, a luxury and event management firm.

Still, publicists are optimistic that the new government will open up new opportunities for their businesses.

“We have the opportunity to push our country on an international scale and bring in more investment once everything starts to boom again,” Kilany added.