Egomania Hits Overdrive On Twitter As #Instagate Fury Spreads

Disgruntled Instagrammers were already being wooed away by its competitor, Flickr – and now it seems Instagram is in a full on self-inflicted death spiral.

Or so one would think, reading Twitter.

Instagram told Twitter to beat it and users were ticked (we know you know this – it’s essential backstory for late arrivals, sorry). Instagrammers could no longer seamlessly post their puppy pictures on Twitter. Sad day.

And there were doomsday predictions all around.

But TechCrunch reports that, so far, “traffic referral or not — and Twitter/Instagram frustration or not — for now, that switch does not appear to be having an impact on either site when it comes to overall traffic.”

But all that may be changing.

In what ABC News has cleverly named #Instagate, folks are going coocoo bananas over Instagram’s newly released terms of service – and one part in particular. “Instagram doesn’t “own” your content, but it can license your photos to other companies. If it wanted, it says in effect, it could sell your photos to advertisers or other firms.”

Should you worry? Not unless you’re an actual photographer who makes a living from these pics, no. (If you are a photographer, then yes – worry.)  For the most part though, Instagrammers are not photographers. They may play one online, but they have a different vocation. And to those folks, we share the following tweets:


If you’re that upset, you can head over to Flickr, where the Twitter integration is still available (bonus). Or check out some of these other free photo sharing sites and apps. Just don’t sweat the small stuff.

And besides, there are other things in Instagram’s new TOS that should worry you MUCH more than that. As Social Times shares,

Facebook’s advertising platform matches friends’ faces to products that they’ve liked on Facebook. Instagram’s new policy suggests a similar idea: “To help us to deliver interesting paid or sponsored content or promotions,” the policy states, “you agree that a business or other entity may pay us to display your username, likeness, photos (along with any associated metadata), and/or actions you take, in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you.”

But even THAT is more amusing than anything to some:

So the next time you post that artistically filtered pic, try to make sure there isn’t something inappropriate in the background or who knows where it will end up!

(Self portrait image from Shutterstock)