Get rid of Those Annoying Farmville Requests with new Social Network About "What Matters to You"

Eegoes is a new social network on the block whose mission is to bring social networking back to its basics. All of the content on this network is designed to be relevant to you – no more collections, lost cows and corn to harvest unless you want to see it. Using a tagging and keyword system to organize data, Eegoes hopes that users are able to use this network not only to sort through the things they do and don’t want to see, but also meet like-minded people in their industry and who share their interests.

Users can sign up for Eegoes with their email, and then link to their other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The Eegoes home page looks similar to a stripped-down Facebook, with a place to input your status update at the top, events and suggested friends on the right side, and a stream of content in the news feed.

The first sign that this is something completely new comes when you go to organize your front page posts. Users can choose to see “Everything”, or only view “Videos”, “Pictures”, “Notes”, “Events”, “Links” or “Interests” – much more organizational focus than Facebook’s “Top News” and “Most Recent”.

Eegoes also provides a Networks area along its top bar that sets it apart from other social networks. Rather than simply allowing people to create groups (which Eegoes also does), networks is the locus of all content on the networks, categorized by the tagging system. Users create content, and tag it with words that describe it – such as “Art”, “Japan” or “Politics”. These tagged pieces of content then get shuffled into the different networks on Eegoes, and users can browse what others have uploaded or linked to based on their interests.

It is through these networks that users can define what they are interested in, and what they aren’t. Don’t like Farmville requests? Don’t add that network as an interest. Only want to see what links people are sharing? Choose that in the drop-down menu on the front page. Eegoes is very customizable, so that even people who share the same social network will have different feeds and will see different content in “Networks”.

Searchable content makes Eegoes a strong contender to become a thriving social network. No longer will posts fall off the radar when they’ve fallen off a Twitter stream – they will be easily accessible by those who are interested. Users can also search for other users who share their interests, to grow their social network to include those they find most compatible.