EasilyDo Email App Separates Emails Into Smart Folders

EasilyDo's Email app aims to help users keep track of travel info, email attachments and more by automatically separating messages into smart folders.

EasilyDo launched its Email application on iOS, which aims to help users keep track of travel information, email attachments and more by automatically separating messages into smart folders.

The EasilyDo Email app allows users to browse their email in an overall inbox view, or browse folders for emails with attachments, or those related to package shipments, travel information, entertainment information (like event confirmations) or bills and receipts. Users can also browse only unread emails, or browse a folder for their “subscriptions,” like newsletters. In addition, users can search for emails by keyword, phrase or name.

EasilyDo Email

Built with artificial intelligence technology, the app analyzes emails for important information, such as package tracking numbers and bill due dates. When information is available, it is presented on a summary card at the top of an associated email.

When users tap on a card, the app shows all of the emails associated with the card. For instance, if users have ordered a product online, tapping the card may show all of the emails associated with the order, like the order confirmation and shipment emails. Users can receive notifications related to their package deliveries, as well as travel notifications for things like gate changes and delayed flights.

When users find an email they’re not ready to address, they can “snooze” the email until the next day, the next week or a custom point in time. The app also gives users a few seconds to “undo” a sent email before it’s actually sent.

Finally, when viewing things like newsletters or junk mail, users can tap the unsubscribe button at the top of the email’s message to quickly remove themselves from the list.

In a statement, Mikael Berner, CEO of EasilyDo, commented:

Mail is the most-used app on the phone because that is where people work and connect. 2.6 billion people each deal with an average of 122 messages every day. We built Email to serve those users with a faster, simpler and smarter experience.

EasilyDo’s Email app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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