Easily Shorten URLs On Android With D bitly

Depending on your point of view, URL shortening is either a very useful tool or horrible for the Internet. Still, some apps like Twitter pretty much require URL shortening in order to share anything, and URL shortening services can be useful for tracking and sharing commonly referenced URLs. The problem with URL shortening on mobile devices is that you rely on the apps you use to support it, and if it doesn’t you end up having to use a web site and complete multiple steps in order to create a shortened URL.

D bitly is a free app that is a bit.ly client and with it you can easily create and share a shortened URL on Android devices. Most likely you are in a web browser when you decide you want to share the web page you are reading, with D bitly installed all you need to do in the Android browser is tap Menu, More, Share page and then select D bitly from the Share Via menu.

The D bitly app opens with the full URL displayed and you tap Shorten to convert the full URL to a bit.ly shortened URL. The Shorten button changes to Share, which you tap to share the shortened URL using any of the Android apps that are listed in the Share Via menu, including Facebook or any one of several Twitter apps.

If you previously created a shortened URL you can access and share them by tapping the History button in D bitly. All of the bit.ly URLs that you created using a bit.ly account, which you need to provide to D bitly, will display and you have the option to either copy the URL to the clipboard or share them.

While most Twitter apps automatically create shorten URLs, several other apps like Facebook do not, and you might prefer to create shortened URLs under your own account so that you can re-use them. If you prefer to use a bit.ly account, I think you will find D bitly to be a very useful app to have on your Android device.