Driving Quality Users Through Hypertargeted Campaigns


Acquiring valuable users is one of the toughest challenges facing mobile advertisers today. Hypertargeted ad campaigns are a key piece to the puzzle and a great way to hone in on pockets of high-performing traffic that drive higher lifetime value (LTV) users.

But it’s easier said than done.

In order to capitalize on the traffic sources that yield the most effective and highest lifetime value user acquisition, advertisers must have visibility and transparency into how their ads perform on each individual app and site level where ads are running. The mobile advertising ecosystem is made even more complex with pressure for return on investment (ROI). In order to maximize mobile ad dollars, advertisers must target by channel and source.

What’s the secret behind an impactful hypertargeted campaign? Site ID targeting, which allows advertisers to understand exactly where their traffic is driven from. This level of visibility enables them to optimize campaign performance with granular, site-level targeting that allows them to spend only where they get return and ROI.

In a recent testing wave conducted for a popular real estate database’s mobile app, channels that were showing higher quality users through healthy post-install events (engagement and upsell opportunities within an app) received increased spend to optimize user acquisition and improve ROI. Alternatively, when pockets of traffic were found to be low performers, bid rates were cut and/or reallocated to other site ID’s that are more fruitful for their specific campaigns.

Ultimately, hypertargeting traffic sources with site ID insights proved to be extremely valuable, performing up to three times better than traditional campaigns. With increased visibility into where their ads were running, advertisers were able to make smarter investments and focus on higher lifetime value users as measured by their subsequent post-install activity.

Transparency has become key for mobile marketers. Site ID targeting provides the insight necessary to become laser-focused on which segments of traffic drive quality users. While only one piece of the overall mobile user acquisition strategy, these hypertargeted campaigns have proven to optimize performance and maximize the value of ad spend.

Jud Bowman, the author of this post, is the founder and CEO of Appia.