Digg’s Future Is Uncertain as Tech Team Heads to Washington Post

Digg faces an uncertain future as the Washington Post prepares to “acquihire” the aggregation site’s technology team, according to a report by AllThingsD. Insert graveyard pun here.

The rumors started in May, when  The Next Web reported that the Washington Post might be buying the news aggregator. TechCrunch followed up with the information that the publisher had its eyes on the team, not the company.

The Washington Post has already ventured into social media with a Social Reader app for Facebook, as well as iOS and Android devices. (Basically, the app lures readers in with good articles, and then makes them sign up and share what they’ve read with their friends.) In March, Slashdot founder and former editor in chief Rob Malda joined WaPo Labs as chief strategist and editor at large.

The former Digg employees will join the current team at the Washington Post to work on the Social Reader. Digg founder Kevin Rose joined Google in March.  His previous venture, a mobile development lab called Milk, Inc., shut down its food recommendation app, Oink following the move.

Wrote The Next Web’s Drew Olanoff, “Peter Kafka of AllThingsD follows up with a report saying WaPo bought Digg’s technology team but not the business, and that current Digg management will need to figure out what to do with the site and other assets now. Good luck with that.”

Image by Piotr Marcinski via Shutterstock.