Developing iPhone Applications with revMobile

Back when I was in college, I expected that I was either going to be a high school teacher or a programmer, and I got secondary education certification along with a degree in computer science. It turns out that I ended up working in I.T., but I have not done nearly as much programming in my job as I expected when I was in college. Still, every now and then I get the itch to do some programming, and I think that if I were to pick a target platform to write programs for today, it would be a mobile platform like the iPhone.

All of the iPhone applications today are written in Object C, which can be a pretty intimidating environment to start-off programming in. A company called Runtime Revolution is planning to lower the programming barrier of entry to iPhone programming with their revMobile product. Runtime Revolution’s development tools enable you to graphically build applications in a manner similar to Hypercard. The revMobile development environment will enable one to use the same graphical tools in their desktop environment with objects optimized for either the iPhone or Windows Mobile. (The company’s web site refers to Windows Mobile 7, so I don’t know if they mean Windows Phone 7 series or Windows Mobile.)

For an idea of how you can use revMobile to build an iPhone application, watch the following video:

YouTube video courtesy of Runtime Revolution

I have to admit, after watching the video I was very pretty excited until I went to the revMobile web site and found out that it will cost $999 when it ships. revMobile might break the programming language barrier, but the price is a huge barrier to the casual programmer who may be most interested in using the product.