Dan Abrams at Media Relations Summit: Bullish on Social Media, Still Mum on Clients


Yesterday was Rather, today is Abrams. Dan Abrams, that is, CEO of Abrams Research and Chief Legal Analyst for NBC News and MSNBC. In his keynote at Media Relations Summit today, titled “The Future of Media Relations: Engaging Journalists as Media Strategy Advisors,” Abrams told the audience, “PR folk and journalists have many similarities. And the reality of our world right now is that we cannot put ourselves in a box, nor should we want to. With that said many of the same goals and ethical issues apply as well. But how we define and execute that is the real issue.”

Speaking with PRNewser after the keynote, Abrams said, “The main point I was trying to make, is that you can’t look at the media as just mainstream media journalists. A lot of what we’re [Abrams Research] doing is social media strategy. With social media changing, literally every month there are major new developments that you have to understand. Anyone who can’t tap into the cutting edge are at a distinct disadvantage.”

When asked specifically about Abrams Research’s current business momentum, Abrams would only say, “business is going great.” He also wouldn’t mention any clients by name. “I’m not going to get into that yet. We will in the relatively near future,” he said. Another thing coming in the future? Abram’s media aggregation-blog site, Mediaite, which he said the company is “still planning on launching in June.”

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