Create Your Own Social Shop in Facebook

market_lodge_logo.gifWhat else can you not possibly do in Facebook? You can connect with friends and colleagues, share photos and images, share blog feeds, search for jobs, goods and services, and list goes on and on. Adding to the list of useful things that you can with your Facebook profile is an application made by bSocial Networks, Market Lodge. marketlodge.jpgMarket Lodge will make you a social network entrepreneur without actually owning a single piece of product or ware. How is that possible? By consolidating products that interest you, information about your hobbies and lifestyle and then lets you share those lists of products to your Facebook friends and contacts. Market Lodge then rewards you for every successfuly transactions driven from your Market Lodge.

Once you start earning and later on decided to venture out with your own products and services, you can easily become a vendor and share your products to the thousands of Market Lodge users. It is definitely an easy and fun way to earn some extra bucks. If you are into affiliate marketing, you’d soon find out after you start adding products to your Market Lodge account that this application is similar to Amazon Associates. You display products from the shop and earns commission for every sale made from your Market Lodge account.

Ready to become a social seller or entrepreneur? You know the drill. Market Lodge is like your any other Facebook applications. Add the application into your Facebook profile >Customized your Market Lodge>Add products> Then start sharing it with your Facebook friends and contacts.