Crazy Moneky Crazy Fun

I worked in the cube farms for many years. As any cube employee knows, the ability to waste hours of your employers time (and not get caught) is what being a low paid worker is all about.

As such I am a big fan of flash games created by Crazy Monkey. The app I found today is a port of the game ‘Hellstorm: Episode 2: Regroup’.

The game is a fun over the top shooter where you pilot a helicopter around and destroy bad people.

I prefer to think I am a vigilantly Warrant Officer from the Army fighting my way to become AWOL; but that is just the rantings of an old Navy man.

The major draw back of the game is that it lacks any social interaction. Sure killing bad guys is social.. I guess.. but if I cant boast to my friends that I got a higher bad-guy killing score than them the app is really a failure.

Airwolf signing off.