‘Cooks Source’ to Close After Story Backlash

Cooks Source, the Northeastern foodie mag whose editor declared “my bad” after publishing a story without the author’s permission or payment, says the magazine will close as a result of the backlash that ensued.

Angry commenters took to the magazine’s Facebook page posting thousands of notes and, according to editor Judith Griggs, advertisers have been “harassed.” One advertiser tells Boston.com that she received angry e-mails almost immediately after the story hit.

“The bad news is that this is probably the final straw for Cooks Source,” writes Griggs, according to the site. The Cooks Source website has shut down.

Even now, Griggs continues to blame the story’s author Monica Gaudio, for the backlash she’s faced. “I was stupid to even answer her that night, her email to me was antagonistic and just plain rude and I was exhausted,” reads a portion of the explanation that was posted on the magazine’s homepage. (Consumerist has it.)

“I really wish she had given me a chance to respond to her before blasting me.”

Every PR pro we’ve ever spoken to about crisis comms says you have to own up to any mistakes you’ve made and address them with transparency and speed. Griggs  might have saved her magazine with a sincere apology and a new policy against stealing stories. Instead, she continues to attack the problem with excuses right to the end.