What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About PSS CREDBoard

credboardlogofinalWe’ve written about a number applications – Involver AMP, Context Optional Social Marketing Suite, Hootsuite, Scout Labs and others – for social media monitoring and management designed to support brands’ marketing and client support efforts. Contact center system integrator and service provider Product Support Solutions, Inc. (PSS) approaches these needs with its just-introduced CREDboard social media dashboard, adding social media touch points to its existing, enterprise-wide customer engagement offerings. The result is that social media marketing is a part of – rather than apart from – ongoing sales and support interactions.

CREDboard aggregates multiple media types (including text, audio, photos, and video) from multiple networks – such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and industry blogs – providing a comprehensive dashboard for monitoring customer interactions. The objective is for companies to know who’s talking about what, where and how often in an attempt to “cover all the bases” to protect their reputations online. The product is designed to help individuals and/or departments not only update and monitor Social Media sites, but also take action when necessary.

“CREDboard enables departments to do what they do best,” said Keith Ward, CTO of PSS. “Marketing teams can watch for brand awareness and competition issues, contact center agents can work with customer inquiries and potential issues, and sales can handle leads and answer industry questions. With this enterprise-wide approach, more companies can handle more customer interactions across more channels. It’s a great step forward for managing a company’s online reputation – or street ‘cred’.”


Other key CREDboard features include:

  • As a Software as a Service (SaaS), the real-time dashboard runs completely within standard Web browsers. Also, there’s no software to install, which means near-zero maintenance and IT involvement.
  • Supervisors can customize the rules that establish whether their teams respond using the originating social media channel, text, SMS, email, CTI, skills-based routing, SNMP or other channel. Managers may also decide to provide access to particular screens or settings to allow further conversation or follow-up.
  • The dashboard can include any interactions the social media sites offer. For instance, users can easily monitor aspects on Facebook or Twitter such as friends, followers, likes, trends, timelines, geography, mentions, news feeds, posts, comments and more. Directly from the dashboard, they can define alerts, filters, keywords and searches.
  • CREDboard has a built-in scheduling engine that can be pre-loaded with a series of updates across multiple social media channels. Users can tweet, update, comment, respond, and post on your timeline allowing 24/7 interaction and awareness.
  • Based on PSS’s SaaS integration technology, FlexxBridge in the Cloud, users benefit from a consistent, standardized interface, with no long, costly development cycles when implementing CREDboard. Integration to current CTI and CRM applications running on a number of platforms can be accomplished rapidly across the enterprise.
  • CREDboard provides multi-tenanted (multi-user) access to a company’s accounts across all Social Media channels so interactions are secure, fully tracked and archived.

PSS offers a portfolio of professional development services, products, advisory services and support programs to help enterprises address contact center needs to enhance customer interactions with technologies from Nortel, Genesys, Holly Connects, Avaya, Siemens, Cisco and others. The company’s enterprise clients include American Express, AT&T, Kaiser Permanente, UnitedHealthcare and Wells Fargo.