CONFIRMED: Twitter To Be Built Into iOS 5

As was anticipated, Steve Jobs took to the Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) today to announce Apple’s next generation of mobile operating system, iOS 5 – and that Twitter will be deeply integrated into the system. More details on just how deeply from the Twitter blog below.

Jack Dorsey penned a short but sweet blog post on the official Twitter blog just after Job’s unveiling of the new iOS 5 Monday afternoon.

The new operating system comes with over 200 new features and upgrades, but the one that will certainly excite social network enthusiasts the most is its integration with Twitter.

As the Twitter blog explains, Twitter will be “built right into iOS 5, coming soon to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices worldwide.” Users will have to sign in to Twitter only once on their iOS device, and then they will be able to sent tweets with a single tap from multiple Twitter-enabled apps – which also include many of Apple’s own apps, such as the Camera, Photos, Safari, Contacts, YouTube, and Maps apps.

As Shea theorized this morning, Twitter is apparently encouraging developers to use the “single sign-on capability” that Twitter now offers within iOS 5 to upgrade their existing Twitter apps and possibly create new ones. Shea’s idea that Twitter-enabled games on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch might result from this deep integration is something to consider here, as Twitter has been increasingly vocal in its encouragement of unique Twitter apps, as opposed to those that offer dashboard- or functionality.

One feature that deserves a special mention is the Twitter integration with Apple’s Camera app. After taking a picture, users who have enabled Twitter’s single sign-in will be able to tweet it with a single tap. And it’s likely a winning bet to say that these picture tweets will utilize Twitter’s well-timed official photo-sharing service.