Comcast’s Tunerfish Social Discovery Engine Lets You Share True Blood With Friends

True Blood HBOComcast’s Tunerfish, a new social discovery engine that allows users to share what they are watching, went live yesterday and has announced that they are teaming up with HBO to promote the upcoming season premiere of True Blood. Tunerfish was announced last month at TechCrunch Disrupt and it’s finally ready to be put into action. The True Blood campaign, which has a fun Vampire-esque theme, should be just the thing Tunerfish needs to get the word out about their cool new service.

Tunerfish will give True Blood fans the opportunity to “check in” on Tunerfish, Twitter and Facebook while they are watching the show and spread the word to their friends via social media. Users who check in during the season premiere on HBO will receive a special “Truebie” badge. As these users get their friends to watch the show, Tunerfish will keep track to gauge user influence. Users that get 10 or more contacts to check in will receive a “Maker” badge, just like vampires who turn others to vampires on the show are known as “makers.”

This campaign is really exciting for Tunerfish, as it is a great way to spread the word about their brand new service. In a NewTeeVee interview, Tunerfish founder John McCrea says, “It’s great as a young service to get in front of a very large audience.” He’s absolutely right, and True Blood‘s audience is just the thing they need to carve out their niche in the industry.

Now that Tunerfish’s public beta has launched anyone can try out the service. Users can sign in with their Twitter or Facebook account at to share what they are watching, be it a television show, a movie or an online video. When you create an account you will be able to see the activity of your Facebook friends, as well as the people you follow on Twitter and share what you are watching with them. Users can check in from the Tunerfish website or from the Tunerfish iPhone app. We could not find the Tunerfish application in the app store or find anything about it on the Tunerfish website. However, we are expecting that it will be released by the time True Blood premiers, as it has been announced as part of the campaign.

Do you think the Tunerfish service will catch on? What do you think about their partnership with HBO on the True Blood campaign?