Collaborative Music On The Web: Does It Really Work?

Can music be created online through digital collaboration? Can a great track be written with strangers met on a forum? Companies like Songsinc and SongWritingFever believe the answer to both questions is yes.

Current and future song writers may ask themselves a rather complex question: Can I write a song as an online collaboration?

Companies like Songsinc and SongWritingFever believe you can and give a direct path for anyone, novice or pro, to do just that. These companies’ core mission is to encourage creation, collaboration and inspiration by providing an online space that connects artists all over the globe through a platform of new tools, services and assets.

Nevertheless, I am curious if creative online collaboration can work. Sure an artist can collaborate with a friend or recommendation. But, can it be done strictly online where they never met in person, started as complete strangers.

The Songsinc model not only generates new sources of income for master owners, but also provides an opportunity for songwriters to write with established music industry pros with PROTracks, the company’s library of instrumental tracks from major industry master owners. It could be that making such collaboration as an established professional is much easier creatively and legally.

As an example Songsinc offers the following:

Songwriters can create songs with PRO master owners worldwide. With Songsinc’s PROTracks, songwriters can collaborate with backing tracks from major songwriters, publishers and labels. Songwriters also have a shot at connecting with those industry professionals because all top-rated songs created with PROTracks will be heard by the vested track owners.

Track owners with instrumental tracks can connect with songwriters around the world and earn royalties over and over again when those tracks are used to create new songs.

Lyricists looking for a melody to put to their words can choose from Songsinc’s MelodyTracks. Lyricists can listen until they find a melody that inspires them to add a lyric and create a song.

Songsinc is an excellent offering that is for professionals, but what about the novice or wannabes?

SongWritingFever is geared more toward that concept of getting the novice’s creative feet wet. You can go to their site and click on articles offering beginner tips, such as “Tips for Beginner” or “How to Get Started” and other appropriate titles.

Nevertheless, the question is whether or not a songwriter gets his creative foot in the door. Are there successes? I am talking strictly online successes.

In looking over it appears the answer is “yes” with songwriters blowing their horn:

“What I found in Songsinc is a treasure chest full of just what I was looking for, and encouragement, inspiration and advice.” Songwriter BMI

“I used to be a lyricist without a melody. Then I found Songsinc.” Mary T., Lyricist

Over at SongWriterFever Tracy Chatman says, “I want to express my gratitude to you for your help through this site. I’ve been making more progress than ever with my songs, and being able work with other people who like creating songs keeps me perpetually motivated.”

It looks like it is possibe to create, collaborate, and inspire online as a songwriter. That’s what sites like Songsinc is all about… and it begins with a song.