CNN Wants World Cup Fans to Feel the Twitter Buzz

With the second week of play kicking off in 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, entered the pitch with South Africa 2010: Twitter Buzz, which offers an interactive visualization of hoe many Tweets per minute each topic is generating.

Photos represent the soccer topics garnering the most buzz, with the photos changing sizes as the number of related Tweets fluctuates. Categories include players, teams, and topics, and fans can browse back through an archive of Tweets from the past 24 hours.

CNN International vice president of digital services Nick Wrenn said:

We have committed to making our World Cup coverage truly global and putting the fans at the center, and our Twitter Buzz interactive gives them a unique and compelling complement to following the tournament, whether in-person, on TV, or exclusively online. From the vuvuzelas to goal flashes and red cards, you literally can see the buzz and tap into the debates around the world in real-time across hundreds of thousands of tweets per day, and in different languages.