Offers Marijuana & Money

No, hasn’t decided that drug dealing is more profitable than the media industry (although it probably is these days), but the site will debut special report Marijuana & Money, which looks at the marijuana “industry” in the United States from a business standpoint, examining the positive and negative effects legalizing the drug would have on the economy, government, and consumers.

Marijuana & Money includes commentary from: Asa Hutchinson, former U.S. Representative and former head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration; Joyce Nalepka, president, America Cares, founder, Drug Free Kids, and president, National Federation of Parents for Drug Free Youth; Robert Hirshon, former president of the American Bar Association; former New York Mayor Edward I. Koch; Dr. Robert L. DuPont, president, Institute for Behavior and Health and former director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse; and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas).

Among the more than 50 original stories that are part of Marijuana & Money:
How Big Is The Market? — Based on a CNBC analysis of various government estimates and studies, it is worth as much as $40 billion annually.
Tobacco vs. Pharmaceuticals — Both industries probably have plans and can argue expertise, but one stands to benefit more than the other from legalization.
Law Enforcement Costs — Prevention, intervention, and detention currently costs state, local, and federal government almost $14 billion per year, but legalization would also have a high price tag for covering safety, quality, and distribution.
Tax Potential — Taxation would generate billions of dollars in much-needed revenue, but state and federal policies must avoid creating a black market.
Medical Marijuana: Trial and Error — Legalizing medical marijuana is one thing, but managing logistics is another. On the East Coast, there are struggles to create an efficient delivery system. Out West, dispensary businesses in California and Colorado are booming, causing officials to scramble to create regulations and taxes.
Wall St. and Pot — It may not be the choice of high-pressure traders, but it’s more common than you think, especially with expensive pot-delivery services that offer anonymity and convenience. managing editor Allen Wastler said:

Marijuana is an illegal commodity that some people argue causes a lot of social ills. Why promote it, or dignify it even, through coverage? On the other hand, others would say that the medical benefits and economic possibilities deserve even more study. Rightly or wrongly, marijuana attracts dollars — a lot of them — and we follow the money.

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