Child’s Play Launches Party Program to Reach Moms

Child’s Play Communications, which specializes in outreach to moms, has launched House Partypalooza, a marketing program that enlists moms (“chosen based on their suitability for individual brands,” according to the launch release) to host events, invite other moms, and spread the word about different brands. Selected moms are given product samples, instructions, and other supplies to host the events, and in many cases there is a small stipend.

It all sounds very planned and manufactured, but Stephanie Azzarone, president of Child’s Play, says moms have freedom in the process.

“We provide guidelines and messaging and then let it go and they interpret it their own way,” she told PRNewser. Julie Livingston, director of new business development and accounts also says that “moms can post whatever they like on Facebook in response.”

The website states that this is a marketing opportunity (we contacted WOMMA and they give the disclosure the thumbs up) and according to the execs, Child’s Play is available around the clock for any questions from moms.

The program launched this month with the Fuzzoodles line of toys. Companies (both clients and interested companies) can sign up now for 2011.