Changes to the Social Times

Everyday I read through hundreds if not thousands of articles trying to figure out what is important to display on this blog as well as AllFacebook. I end up with easily 30 or more tabs opened in two of my browsers and occasionally I decide to post about an article that I feel is particularly compelling. There is a problem with this system though: the inherent lack of information dissemination.

If The Social Times really is the supposed to cover everything that’s social on the web (whether social media or social networks), we aren’t doing our job well enough. While I aim to get up 8 articles a day across my two sites, I occasionally miss a few or don’t have time to write a substantially insightful piece. That doesn’t mean that I’m not reading about the issues, it just means I don’t have enough time to put together all of my thoughts.

As such I am going to start experimenting with a different style. While I’ll continue to post the same number of editorial pieces as usual, I’d like to also include summaries of other articles covering issues that I simply don’t have time to write about. This way, the readers can stay up to date with what’s going on and still have my take on what it all means.

If the amount of content is overwhelming, I will be providing a weekly newsletter with only the editorial content and links to all of the news items. Go subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll begin receiving it in the coming weeks. I will also soon provide a daily newsletter which highlights the most important content and occasionally additional information which isn’t included on this site.

My goal is to provide as thorough coverage as possible of this space and simply limiting it to “Nick O’Neill’s opinion” is simply not sufficient. I am going to try out this new model and see how it works. If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions, please let me know because I want to do what’s best for the readers.