Changes at PRNewser

You know what they say in the news business: don’t bury the lead. So on that note, I am announcing that this week is my last as full-time editor of PRNewser. However, I will be staying on as a contributing editor to the site, as I’ve been here since the start and truly believe in what we’ve done, and what we have left to do.

The great news is that we’re bringing on a new full-time editor of PRNewser who is more than capable of the challenge.

Tonya Garcia, a veteran reporter for PRWeek, will be joining as editor of PRNewser, starting August 23rd. This will give us our strongest editorial team ever, with Tonya running the day-to-day operations along with Jason Chupick and I staying on as contributing editors.

It was three years ago this summer that Jason and I first met with founder Laurel Touby and editorial director Chris Ariens. We were brought on as the founding co-editors of the site. I’d like to believe we’ve made some waves in the industry in the three years since — breaking stories and delivering a fresh voice and perspective on PR.

I have to thank both Laurel and Chris for having the vision to expand the blog network to include public relations coverage, along with our sibling blog AgencySpy, which covers the advertising world. They’ve devoted the resources to make this happen, and the results so far have been great — PRNewser has increased its monthly unique visitors 134% year-over-year (July ’09 v. July ’10).

Also, I must thank Jason Chupick, PRNewser’s trusty co-editor for sticking with it through the years. I’m very happy that Jason will be staying with PRNewser as a contributing editor, where he will continue to bring his more than a decade of industry experience to the table.

Also, of course, we have to thank you: the PRNewser readers. You’ve helped keep us on point, and are never shy to give us your feedback. We truly appreciate that, and it makes sifting through all of the bad pitches — there of course are some good ones, too — worth it.

So where am I headed? I’ll be staying in the digital media world, joining Buddy Media as director of communications. I know the team there well, and will be leading communications strategy for the Buddy Media Platform, a Facebook management system currently being used by some of the world’s largest brands and agencies.

In the meantime, please stay in touch. You can always email to hit the entire editorial team: Tonya, Jason and I. You can also email me personally at joe dot ciarallo at, and of course follow me on Twitter: @joeciarallo. It’s been a great ride, and it’s not over yet.