Fake Follower Check: How Many Of Celebrities’ Twitter Followers Are Real?

We’ve written before about the nefarious concept of fake Twitter followers.

It’s surprisingly easy for anyone to get 10,000 Twitter followers in a matter of days, simply by signing up on a website like Fake Followers, then watching their follower count explode.

Ridiculous, right? And certainly in conflict with Twitter’s Rules. But, truth be told, some Twitterers, particularly of the celebrity variety like the newly anointed Twitter king Justin Bieber and left-in-his-dust Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, amass fake followers without knowing it.

Let’s take a look at the fake follower count of some of Twitter’s biggest celebrities. Shout out to Smart People’s fakers tool and Social Bakers’ app FakeFollowers for the info.

Check it out:

@LadyGaga: 26% Fake, 36% Inactive, 38% Good

@JustinBieber: 17% Fake, 36% Inactive, 47% Good

@KatyPerry: 29% Fake, 37% Inactive, 34% Good

@Rihanna: 25% Fake, 38% Inactive, 37% Good

@BarackObama: 29% Fake, 37% Inactive, 34% Good

@AllisonStadd (that’s me!): 2% Fake, 6% Inactive, 92% Good. Woohoo!

Today Twitter has more than 200 million users with about 460,000 new accounts being created every single day, sending more than 140 million tweets daily. Seems like the fake follower phenomenon is only going to grow.

What do you think about fake followers? Share your thoughts in the comments.

(Image from Shutterstock)

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