Carbonite Provides Remote Access to Desktop Files From Android Phones

Are you backing up your desktop computer? If you have valuable files on your computer and you aren’t backing it up, or you are backing it up but on to another hard disk or DVD that you keep physically with the computer, I suggest that you consider an online backup solution. I use Carbonite to back up the main Windows computer in my home office and I do so for two reasons.

The first reason is that it runs in the background on the computer and it automatically backs up any new files or files that I edit without my having to do anything. Back ups are only as good as when they are done. The second reason why I use Carbonite is that my back up is securely stored on their server and out of my house, which means that if my house catches fire my valuable data is at another location for me to retrieve.

Carbonite costs $54.95 per year and for that amount you get an unlimited backup of one personal computer. If you got a 1 TB hard drive that has 750 GBs of data on it, all 750 GBs of your data will be backed up by Carbonite for $54.95. Another benefit to backing up a computer with Carbonite is that you then have access to all of the files on your computer from anywhere using a web browser. You also can access your computer files using Carbonite’s free iPhone, Blackberry, and as of today, Android app.

I installed the Android app on my Nexus One, and as you can see in the screen shot to the left, it provides easy access to the Pictures, Music, and Documents that you store on your computer. If you open a picture you have the ability to share the picture with any of the Android sharing options, including Facebook. Music will be streamed for play back to your phone on a track by track basis, you can note select a folder of tracks and have all of them play on the phone.

Carbonite provides an easy and affordable way to backup your personal computer and provides the added benefit of providing remote access to your files from a smartphone. If you are looking way to remotely access the files on your computer from your smartphone, I recommend Carbonite.