Candidates Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel for Anti-Romney Stunts

Photo: Reuters

Things have entered the realm of the preposterous for the GOP candidates doing battle in New Hampshire, with Mitt Romney’s opponents going to possibly self-destructive lengths to knock him from the frontrunner position.

As we mentioned in today’s Morning Media Menu, Rick Perry’s team made a downloadable ringtone available that repeated the Mitt Romney line “I like being able to fire people.” (The line stems from a response Romney gave during a campaign event.) Tons of outlets reported on the ringtone’s availability, but if you click on any of the links now, an Error 404 message pops up. Maybe even they think they went too far?

Newt Gingrich, picking up on his weekend debate zinger, has launched a website, I like using the word “baloney” as much as the next guy (and “malarky,” which the AP no longer recognizes) but it’s a one-time-use-only word. And this whole move is just infantile.

There’s also a Gingrich clip, The Hill points out, called “Winning the Argument” that has a nice Charlie Sheen ring to it.

And now a couple of PACs that are supporting the Gingrich and Huntsman are thinking about pulling what Politico calls a “Swift Boating” on Romney with a documentary meant to disparage his work at the investment firm he founded, Bain Capital.

But even other Republicans are jumping in to call a time out for fear that dissing him for being a businessman that caused people to lose their jobs is contradictory to their party’s platform and could open the GOP up for criticism from the other side… Too late. Even Rush Limbaugh is telling Newt to pipe down.

So the GOP candidates have taken their antics to such a level that they’re going against message and acting against their own interest. All of that and it looks like Romney is still going to win handily. Most polls are closing in the next hour.