Calculate the Value of a Facebook Application

Yesterday afternoon, Lee Lorenzen posted a comment on my blog about a new feature of Adonomics. Adonomics provides analytics tool comparable to SocialMedia’s Appsaholic. As of a couple days ago though, Adonomics has added a valuation feature which is simlar to dnScoop‘s website valuation tool.

The Adonomics valuation tool calculates the value of the I Am Hungry application (which was put on eBay two days ago) at $25,789. Apparently the marketplace doesn’t agree given their current maximum bid of $1,000. It will be interesting to see if anybody steps in toward the end of the auction and bids it up. Perhaps Lee would be willing to hop in and pay for the application, providing a discount to his calculated value of $25,789.

While the valuation calculator is simply one method of calculating the value of an application, it is currently the only calculator that does so currently. I also think it provides relatively accurate value based on other applications I have tested out. I also think they may want to adjust their algorithm based on the sale price of the two applications for sale on eBay once the auctions are closed. Ebay is the closest thing to a perfect marketplace so it should provide an accurate representation of value. Just for fun, here are the values of a few randomly selected applications: