Burson / PRWeek CEO Survey: 62% See Social Media as Having an Impact on a Company’s Reputation

Burson-Marsteller and PRWeek’s recently released social media CEO survey shines some much needed light on just how executives view social media in relation to their personal and business lives. Our question would be for the 38% who replied they did not see social media as having an impact on a company’s repuation – in this day and age, how so?

From BusinessWeek:

So while CEOs are on these sites a lot (43% of the CEOs said they are on them often, including 19% who visit daily) it’s not for business. Only 18% say they use them to communicate with customers and other stakeholders.

Why not?
48% say they lack relevance to the target stakeholder groups
37% voice concern about losing control of their message
28% worry about return on the investment
23% blame a lack of knowledge and capability within the company

Check out the complete survey findings here.

[Editor’s note: Is it ironic that in a post on social media, on a PR blog, we are linking to a pdf file of the study?]