Bulldog Reporter Gnaws on Bigger, Cheaper Data Set


I recently received a pitch regarding PR trade Bulldog Reporter that caught my eye. Apparently they have reduced the cost per name acquisition for their database by 90%, with more accuracy.

Bulldog is the hands-on newsletter for PR people who pitch, alot.

They’re using sales lead software from a company called Broadlook to do two things according to an email from Jacques Gautreaux, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Infocom Group/Bulldog Reporter. First, to keep the contact information of the media people they report on in publications such as the Daily Dog up to date, and to develop more leads in the PR industry to sell their stuff.

I took Broadlook for a spin and though found it a scarily powerful tool that could be used to build a spam empire. Though for Bulldog to use to help PR people not spam the media, it’s a great fit.

Broadlook has the ability to pull email addresses and phone numbers from any URL, including hidden pages, as well as from association and membership sites that are not password protected. It can also find contact information available through search terms on places like LinkedIn.

Gautreaux called Broadlook a “recession buster” for InfoCom.

Broadlook can be licensed for research, or for a higher fee, companies can resell the lists they generate.