Budget Solution: Let NapiSan Sponsor the White House

Photo: PRNewsFoto/Vanish NapiSan

Australian stain removal brand Vanish NapiSan is offering $25 million Australian dollars (about $27.4 million U.S.) for the five-year naming rights to the White House. Yes, the White House where the President lives.

The brand has enlisted D.C. public affairs firm Grayling for outreach to Congress, the Australian firm Red Agency is working on this abroad, and the PR firm Cake Group/Workman Entertainment is working on the PR effort here in the U.S.

According to press materials, the money from the sponsorship would be a welcome addition to the government’s coffers and there are tons of other international landmarks, like Buckingham Palace and the Taj Majal, that have been sponsored. However, to that latter point, the materials say the White House was “sponsored” in 2008 when it was shaded pink for breast cancer awareness. I think we can all agree that’s not the same thing.

This sounds like a lot of work for a stunt with limited prospects. But we’ve been assured that this is serious.

“Success for us would be determined by having President Obama actually discuss and consider our sponsorship offer.  Even if he decided against taking us up on it in the end, bringing him to the table would be a significant step,” James Wright, GM of Red Agency told us via email.

Budget problems or not, Obama would get booted out of office for even entertaining this. But from Vanish’s standpoint, I wonder if this is even a good stunt for selling more detergent. I’m pretty sure that Americans would not want to see a detergent brand splashed across the White House like a sports arena. If you don’t have the support and interest of consumers, I don’t see how this could be successful with them. Ultimately, besides getting the President to talk about NapiSan, we’re sure the brand would like ordinary people to buy it too.