Buddy Media Announces Facebook Page Management System

-Buddy Media Logo-Less than one week after the launch of the new Facebook Pages, Buddy Media has announced that they are releasing a new system which assists brands in developing a presence through the Pages product. According to Mike Lazerow, the new service automates a lot of the process for developing a Facebook Pages presence by providing brands with a suite of tools.

The first client to use the Page Management Program Client is StockTwits, which was founded by Howard Lindzon, and is also ironically a Buddy Media investor. The Page Management System also enables brands to manage all of their Pages from within a single management system including moderating comments and maintenance of content.

So how does the new Page Management system look? We have no idea because there aren’t screenshots of it yet but the company has gone ahead with the announcement on the heels of last week’s Facebook announcement. Facebook Pages are going to become a central component of a brand’s presence on the site which is why Buddy Media is announcing this program.

For those that don’t want to have a fully customized application, Buddy Media will provide those clients with a discounted service that enables clients to create Pages with a pre-packed suite of products. We’ve inquired to find out when this new service will be available to all clients and will update the post as soon as we hear back.