10 Little Known Facts About Boston Facebook Users

Do you live in Boston currently or did you go to school in the city? Did you leave town because it was so cold? Whether you love or hate the city, there are lots of Facebook Users in Boston. We researched various population numbers in a multitude of categories and found a variety of statistics regarding gender, age, sports, food, and more. You can check out the facts below!


There are approximately 2.56 million people living in Boston that are on Facebook, according to the company’s own advertising estimates. That’s out of more than 4 million people that live in the greater Boston area. Out of the 2.5 million users, there are roughly 9% less male Facebook users in Boston comparison to female. That’s not completely surprising however as Facebook tends to have more females among most demographic groups.

Sports Facts

It’s a pretty well known fact that people in Boston love their Red Sox. Despite the fact that the Yankees often crush the team, Boston citizens are among the most avid baseball fans in the nation. As such, it’s not surprising to see that 10% of the Facebook Users who live in Boston are fans! On the contrary, it appears 16,000 Yankees fans must have gotten lost leaving Fenway Park and decided to stay. Of 399,680 Yankees Facebook fans in the US, 16,320 of them live in Boston. I personally wouldn’t want to cross a Sox fan in Yankee’s jersey anywhere in Boston.

While hockey season is still a few months away, the Bruins and one of their Eastern Conference rivals, the New York Rangers, have a feud that is easily seen on Facebook. Only 180 people in Boston will admit to being New York Rangers fans. That’s in contrast to the 78,000 Boston-based Bruins fans. Boston is becoming more and more of a hockey town each day.

Weather Facts

2,840 Boston Facebook users like warm weather, out of 104,140 people in the U.S. That’s not surprising considering their winters are cold as hell. 4,000 Boston Facebook users like “Wind”. For those that don’t, it’s unfortunate because it’s gets extremely windy by that Charles River.

College Facts

One problem I have heard multiple professionals talk about in Boston is keeping students in Boston after their college careers are over. Given that close to half the people living in the city are college students at any given time, that means the city is pretty transient. Here are some Facebook stats that seem to confirm the fact that Boston students take off after they graduate. Maybe they just can’t take the winter?

About 65,420 people in the United States on Facebook graduated from Boston College, and roughly 22,860 users still live in the area. This is around one percent of people living in Boston on Facebook are Boston College graduates. With about 134,000 graduates in the United States from Boston University on Facebook, about 42,260 continue to live in the area. An estimated 2% of Facebook users in the Boston area graduated from Boston University.

Around 11,320 people in the United States on Facebook list themselves as currently enrolled at Harvard. However there’s a pretty good chance those individuals will end up leaving the city. In contrast to the more than 31 percent of Boston University users that stay in Boston, only 17 percent of Harvard grads stay in Boston for any period of time. For the 2,100 Harvard’s Class of 2011 Facebook users, the wait is on to see if they stay in Boston.


Only 14% of Clam Chowder fans on Facebook are from Boston. Perhaps, that New England Clam Chowder just isn’t what it used to be anymore?


Remember that movie about that janitor genius at MIT? It was the movie that made a star out of Matt Damon. 12,420 fans of Good Will Hunting live in Boston, out of 195,200 that live in the US. That’s over 6 percent that live in the city. Perhaps they moved there because of the movie?

Another movie with a big name cast that called Boston home was The Departed. About seven percent of fans of the movie live in the Boston area. There’s around 30,000 plus people with some hometown pride.


The Boston metropolitan area has a highly active Facebook population which isn’t exactly surprising considering that the site was founded at Harvard. While not everybody in the city is on Facebook, it’s definitely one of the most active cities in the United States.

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