BlogRush Widget Promises to Drive Free Traffic

Regardless of what anyone claims, the fundamental goal of every blog on the Internet is to accomplish one goal: generate traffic.

blogrushSure it’s fun to inform, unite and communicate in an open fashion, but without visitors, you’re in trouble. That’s why when BlogRush announced they had a way to “flood” blogs with traffic, bloggers took the bait – and fast. The site catapulted to #4,298 on Alexa from out of nowhere.

Here’s how it works. The BlogRush Widget promises distribution of your blog’s headlines via “syndication credits.” In short, for ever link you serve through a page impression, you get one back to your blog.

Five headlines show up at a time (see the widget on the right on this page). What takes BlogRush to the next level is it’s viral, affiliate-type nature. If you refer people to BlogRush you can prosper from their traffic.

Simply put:

Andrew signs up for BlogRush and the blog he’s embedded the widget on gets 1,000 page views a day. Now Andrew’s blog titles will be displayed 1,000 times on other blogs in a similar category (of your choice).

If Maris signs up for BlogRush by clicking the referral link on Andrew’s blog and he gets 500 page views a day – both Andrew AND Maris will get 50 “credits.”

If Joshua comes along and signs up for BlogRush via Maris’ blog, both Andrew and Maris benefit by earning credits.

Bloggers certainly have taken a leap of faith and it remains to be seen whether or not they will be rewarded. Some have reported a bump in traffic, while many have not seen the “flood” promised by BlogRush. As with many new technologies, BlogRush has experienced some serious growing pains that have hindered its ability to report metrics.

We here at RotorBlog are gonna give the BlogRush Widget a 30-day trial run. Afterwards, we will be sure to provide you with a full report of how successful (or not) it has been.

If you don’t want to wait for our findings, feel free to sign up by clicking the BlogRush tab on the widget to the right.