Black Jack is Poker’s Kid Brother

blackjack on facebookNo one wanted to be Robin growing up, everyone wanted to be Batman. Robin was kind of a wimp. Similarly, it’s hard to be the second banana to Texas Hold ‘Em, the Facebook poker giant.

Black Jack is made by the developers of Texas Hold ‘Em, and it shows. The game is the lesser known sidekick to Texas Hold’ Em’s Batman, with similar diluted abilities. The rules of Black Jack don’t need to be discussed here, but there is a lot less strategy to the game than its Poker cousin. But all of the rules still apply, so you can double down, split, hit, or stand given the right situation. There’s no greater thrill than doubling down and coming up with a big win.

Still, the strong characteristics that made Texas popular hold here as well. First, you don’t need friends to play and can compete against international players or computer bots (the dealer). You can compare scores with your friends, create a table with just your friends, invite your friends to join, and get chips by taking part in one of the partner page’s offers.

While Texas relies on competition against the other players, Black Jack is more about beating the bots. The developers have to find a way to make that interesting. The hands are quicker too, and you can bet everything (and lose everything) very quickly.

While it’s always bad form to compare games, fans of online poker will notice this game is less developed than its cousin. It lacks the vibrancy, the little bells and whistles (I couldn’t figure out how to pass a drink to a friend, for example) and the community

This feels like an early version of the game, and it might be. Right now, it’s a satisfactory Black Jack application that could use some new creative direction to really make it stand out.

Gameplay: 7

Developer: 7

Room for improvement: 8