Pro Is Now Free! Get Your Custom Short Domain Today

If you’ve ever wanted a vanity URL – like or – to share your links on Twitter now’s your chance., the most popular URL shortener out there, has just opened up its Pro offerings to everyone, free of charge. And that means that you can grab your own custom domain (and domain tracker) and hook it up to to strut your Twitter stuff.

What previously used to be called “ Pro” is now just being rolled into plain old

Launched in 2009, Pro offered businesses and individuals the ability to link their own custom shortened domain to their account, making it easy to share branded links on Twitter. As of today, there are over 10,000 custom short domains linked to Pro.

The blog announced that this service is no longer just for Pro members. Starting today, ” every bitly user can set up a custom short domain from within their bitly account settings, free of charge and with no waiting period.”

You must own your own shortened domain in order to use this service. If you do, all you need to do is point it to the servers and hook it up to your account at recommends you take a loot at and 101domain to register your own shortened URL if you’re interested.

Interested users can now also set up a tracking domain (which must be one that you already own) to access a analytics dashboard showing all shortening and click activity on links pointing to that domain.