Bieber is Taking Over Twitter with URL Shortener

Not content to be one of the most-followed account on Twitter, Bieber is now extending his influence to our URL shorteners. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing “” splashed across your Twitter feed in the coming weeks, as teen girls flock to the sugary-sweet pop star shortener.

TechCrunch reported this morning that Elliott Kember developed this new (and horrible to many) URL shortener as a bit of a laugh. But we’re not quite sure Kember fully understands what he’s unleashed.

You can go check out right now and shorten your own links using this service. But be warned – unless your followers include a majority of teenage girls, your links will likely lose a lot of their potential clicks.

Bieber is currently the #2 most popular account on Twitter. According to TweetCounter, he is behind Lady Gaga, but his 6,686,000 or so follower count beats out Britney Spears, Barack Obama, Ashton Kutcher, Kim Kardashian and other top Twitter celebs.

This popularity could mean that nearly 7 million people will start using the URL shortener.

This thought is enough to make many music-lovers and Bieber-haters shudder. Although we are pretty neutral about the pop singer ourselves (he’s just a kid!), it would be a scary day to see links to the Washington Post shortened to

All we can say now is: you have been warned.