The BBC Is The Most Popular UK News Outlet On Twitter [STUDY]

The BBC Is The Most Popular UK News Outlet On Twitter [STUDY]

Where do you get your news? If you answered the BBC, you’re not alone – a new study shows that content from the BBC was shared over 4.2 million times by Twitter users in the UK.

Coming to us from PeerIndex, the UK Media Social Sharing Index tracked tweets from millions of UK Twitter users that included links and content from mainstream news outlets in January.

The BBC was the big winner, with its 4.2 million shares. Following the BBC was The Guardian with 2.4 million shares, The Telegraph with just under a million and The Independent with 600,000.

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Extrapolating the data, PeerIndex determined that tweets that shared BBC content created a potential 100 billion impressions across Twitter.

The study also pointed to the growing popularity of paywalls as a detriment to social sharing. News outlets with paywalls, like The Times and The Sun, are not shared as often as their circulation would indicate.

(Source: PeerIndex; Tablet on newspaper image via Shutterstock)