BBC Kid Reporter Interviews Max “Ate My Hamster” Clifford


Max Clifford, the legendary British publicist spoke on camera to one of the kids from the Islamia Girls’ Secondary School as part of the BBC’s School Report program.

He’s known for endless episodes of flackery in his 47 year career, including inventing the classic British tabloid story, “Freddie Starr Ate My Hampster” for client in need of attention, and a sandwich.

Though Clifford has amassed fame and wealth representing celebrities, he advises the kid to avoid unhealthy obsession with them, and says the only bold face name he cared about as a kid was footballer Johnny Haynes.

Clifford ranked fourth on the new PRWeek UK Power Book, out this week. He was bested by Matthew Freud, Roland Rudd, and Alan Parker in the first three spots.

For reference, his 2006 10-point guide to getting famous (below) is still relevant, except in the U.S. #5 and #7 are the same thing:

1. Appear on a reality series
2. Enter a talent contest
3. Be abysmal on a talent show
4. Gain fame by association
5. Date a celebrity
6. Flaunt your body
7. Date a Royal Family member
8. Make a home sex video
9. Be a success on MySpace
10. Be in the right place at the right time