Backflip Studios’ Adventure Game Seabeard Sets Sail on iOS

SeabeardBackflip Studios and Hand Circus have announced the release of their new mobile adventure game: Seabeard. The game places players in the role of the grandchild of a famous sea captain, lost at sea years ago. Gamers find themselves placed in charge of Accordia, a once peaceful village, as they’re challenged with restoring the town and continuing their grandfather’s work in uniting the world’s different tribes.

Seabeard offers 3D gameplay similar to that of console games, and players tap on the ground (and items within the environment) to move around. Key characters offer quests for the player to complete. These may be fetch quests or building quests, as examples, with each providing different rewards.

Players recruit crew members over time, who can help players build, fight, fish, forge and more. An angler, for instance, can be used to unlock the fishing mini-game, which has players tapping on the water to cast their line, and then spinning the reel to bring the fish to shore. Other key items may be freely available, and are found lying on the ground (as an example). Different combinations of items are required to outfit stalls and shops back in Accordia, or complete quests.Seabeard 2Gamers can complete mini-games as they sail between islands. One may see users swiping to move the ship between three lanes to sail through slalom poles, while another is a target-shooting game which asks players to tap on targets that appear out of the water (without hitting innocent bystanders). The better their performance in these games, the more rewards players receive at the end. Eventually, players will unlock the option to skip these travel mini-games to make progress more quickly. It should also be noted that these travel mini-games require energy, which recharges automatically over time.

Seabeard offers a real-time clock and a changing weather system, with the goal of making the experience feel as real and dynamic as possible. Players are encouraged to enjoy their new digital life how they see fit, whether they prefer a laid-back lifestyle of fishing, or want something more intense (like combat).

For social features, players will be able to trade with friends and swap rare items to make their own progress easier to complete. Users can also visit their friends’ islands.

Seabeard is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. While free-to-play, gamers can spend real money on in-game items and tasks.

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