Aviary Now Connects to Soundcloud (Not Just Metaphorically)


If you look at the clouds long enough, you’ll begin to see a pattern.

Aviary users can now log in and share their creations with their Soundcloud networks. Aviary, founded in 2007 and based in New York City, is a cloud-based (and bird-themed) creative suite for artists to edit images and audio clips. Soundcloud, also founded in 2007 and based in Berlin, Germany, is a platform for artists, record labels and other music professionals to receive, send and distribute music.

Today Soundcloud posted this screen capture on its blog that shows users how to authorize Aviary to connect with Soundcloud with the “cute little egg” icon below:


The Soundcloud feature follows the addition of Aviary’s two new audio tools that were launched on June 10th: Myna, an editing tool for remixing music tracks and audio clips, as well as recording voices or instruments and adding sound effects; and Roc (named for a mythological bird), which creates patterns and loops with simulated instruments for use in Myna or for making ring tones.


It took a lot of sky-based metaphors to get there, but now when Aviary users go to publish their tracks, they can click the box to automatically upload them to Soundcloud.